Combicrop Benefits

We need a simple and cost effective way to grow cereals and protein to feed our stock:

  • With a 50% to 60% increase in protein above straight cereals, Combicrop enables the farmer to grow a 13%-18% concentrate. This greatly reduces the requirement of bought-in protein.
  • Growing Combicrop for sale - increased protein percentage translates directly into a higher price per tonne.
  • Combicrop is delivered mixed and ready to drill.
  • Lower foliar disease risk with Combicrop compared to straight cereals.
  • Free nitrogen from peas is saved for following crop.
  • Combicrop can be utilised in one of three ways:
    • Wholecrop Fermented 25%-45% Drymatter or
      Wholecrop Fermented/Preserved 50%-70% Drymatter
    • Crimped (check that a machine is available in your area)
    • Combined dry for milling on farm

Detailed Analysis

For a more detailed analysis of Combicrop, visit our Technical Analysis area.